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tv   Cavuto  FOX Business  June 27, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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neil: a waste of time. a waste of time. >> what we need to do is the funnest executive branch number one. [talking over each other] >> come on. neil: the most youtube event of the week. and i'm still hearing the rumble. forget those who think i am cruel. one individual says you're an arrogant chauvinist pig.
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and you should apologize. don't you like women? this is the first time i saw you be mean to anyone. and you must not be watching the show closely, because take a look. >> where did you get your degree? at a baking school? where you cooking up these numbers? [bleep] >> we have not seen resolve. >> can you account for $42 million? can you spell out words on two. >> the budget is available for every state. >> i'm aware of the budget, can you tell me where it's gone? >> i'm not the one interrupting the gas. neil: en route to guess when they don't answer questions. because i've asked you every which way that i know to give me a range in either you couldn't or wouldn't will help you shouldn't. we pay you, congressman, so act like it.
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>> okay, here is what i think. a lot of you think what you want to think. >> reviews, what you think, that's fine. >> this is about the cluelessness of politicians, more interested in pointing fingers then pointing to results. and then i don't have time for this nonsense, we do not have time for this nonsense, telling a congresswoman to get sirius doesn't make me a misogynist, it makes me a realist. so we have to quit assigning this to serious attacks. you play us all for fools. that is what i think. you can use that to tell me what
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you think. if you're going to say disparaging things, hash tag o'reilly. so now over to that tea party strategy, all right. so their thoughts on this. what the thing? >> i think that you are a terrible bully. [laughter] >> but you are an equal opportunity bully. so no, very seriously, i know the congresswoman, and she is one who has faced a tougher audience than neil cavuto, she's strong enough, she can take it. i'm sick and tired of the victim card being played on behalf of blacks and women. and somehow the barack obama presidency cannot withstand critique or criticism, you know,
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the people that use this victimization as a weapon, they actually undermined the very people that they think that they are undermined the very people that they think that they are helping. neil: all good points, especially the ones complementary to make, the congresswoman does not feel that way. she does not like being picked on. she's been on many times about. but the fact of the matter is that a lot of people who spoke in her defense rucksack. whether she did, fans or supporters did, i think that we have to focus on these issues and we don't have time to do silly stuff. there could be a perfectly good reason. but i think rome is kind of burning. >> so many people are outraged, so much going on and so much that they have to deal with. there are some distractions. the lawsuit is pointing to the reason that house republicans or
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pointing this out now, there's a little bit of an anti-incumbent mood against those lawmakers that have expressed that sentiment. and you also have had a recent supreme court ruling as of yesterday. neil: they feel emboldened by that. saying that the court will hold them accountable eventually. my point now is that if you want to follow us, go right ahead. but i've learned with congress under either party's control, they can't walk and chew gum at the same time. they will get so distracted, i think they are playing right into the democrats hands. >> i put a lot of thought into this, and i get the feeling that they might be making a wide political move and taking it out of the political arena, this is going to the courts.
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and in a nonpartisan fashion, the courts are going to weigh the legitimacy of a branch of government actually accusing another branch of government of being excessive and overreaching and in overreaching, rolling back their own powers. >> what about the opposite? you might be right. and the supreme court ruling does mean that you can get results. look at these guys, they are suing us for not looking after you. >> i prefer this as opposed to some cause for impeachment. there are a bunch of grounds and if you replace obama with president bush and you look at the excesses of this administration what is going on with the irs, which of course is part of the executive branch, there is a good argument to be
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made. if president bush was already in office, he would be impeached. but when you have elections coming up in november and the winds look very good for conservatives, this may be a better ploy than going through impeachment, which would energize the liberals. neil: so you can argue that is not accurate because the house was a lot of stuff. but having said that, does this hurt republicans? >> i think you are looking at a republican congress that has the opportunity to gain seats in the election and they have been building a case against this president against democrats. they can point to his approval ratings, and what they perceive as an overreach on behalf of the president without necessarily filing this lawsuit. in other words, they have art he
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broke out a case that can be successful in the midterm. but like any other issue they have to deal with, there's risk of overreach there. i think that is what some people are concerned about. >> hillary clinton wasn't nominee. what she or should she be treated differently, assuming she is a male opponent? >> i don't think she would want to be treated differently. >> you think of her backers will come back when he was running against her for her senate reign. >> i think it's a risk that exists out there. i don't but i don't think that there are going to be complaints about that. neil: okay, i want to thank you all very much. in wow, president obama says it's okay if this money goes to
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>> or their programs of the government doesn't are a waste of money or working as well as they should be? well, of course. if you work for any company in america, you know, you will find something that are not all that efficient either. >> he's right about that. the difference is that when businesses throughout comments on their dime, when the government screws up, it's on our dime. so what did you think of that? >> i think the president is very confused. there's a big difference between private enterprise and between government. i'd love to put a case study on his desk, if i could. there's a huge difference and that is quite frankly an understatement.
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>> but it's on that time. >> let's not forget this. big businesses and big government both can screw up. >> guest. >> what is the solution? >> when there is a reason for people to go into the business, then yes, you can make the argument. but when there's not a reason, like data, availability, those who talk about government waste, which is really what this is about. when you screw up, you spent too much money, and it is a larger institution. >> you have 2 million people working there, and we all try to
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be more cautious. neil: with all respect, i rickety with that we should all be more cautious, but we are not. >> when businesses fail and older, they go bankrupt or someone shows that really changes the business model makes it profitable or they go down the tubes. so when you get into a pot of shareholder money, that's what happened in a non. and they are just dipping their hand back into our money and having losing entities, losing businesses that are not working.
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and so the government, the government needs to make big changes. >> so intent the cool arguing fashion hair. is that medicare started out with a lot of problems than it was a lot cheaper when it debuted in the mid-60s. but it has become a very popular program for people. and that gives this sort of thing time. >> things that we leave in the hand of government, i think that you hit the nail on the head that this is on the taxpayers dime. the illusion is always more money. >> private enterprise will not do a lot but they commit themselves to do.
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does that mean that they find smarter people to do it? >> there's little they can do, we need that at a minimum base level. >> is what the government can be doing. and it's easy to point to the problem because we all agree that there are problems. but it's hard to find a credible and real solution. we have to make the government work more efficiently. and we all can agree that maybe it's out there and it gives you accommodations. getting rid of government is not a solution. >> but why haven't they? why are we seeing dramatic
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changes in the way these companies are structured. it's like, okay, we're going to do this or that, but nobody has really laid out those plans not biggest problem. neil: we are going to be looking at this issue. you probably heard about the court decision that said it was unfair to some students and teachers. now it's percolating in half a dozen other states looking into raving madmen. we will have that macs. ♪ ♪
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>> the tide could be turning against teacher tenure, even former staffers are now coming out against it. causing several to remove it. matt. some say it does little good even for the good teachers. we have randy here to defend it. you know the way that it is going. no industry deserves to guarantee a lifetime job. what do you say? >> frankly it should not be a lifetime guarantee of employment. the only people that are guaranteed it now are court judges. so no one should have a lifetime guarantee, but people should have fairness. that is what it should be. frankly most workers in america should, before they get fired,
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they should understand the reason why they are getting fired. >> you're just saying that there so we can keep your job. >> nobody wants that, frankly, that is not what it should be. neil: but it is in a lot of places. >> and actually who is judging them? it is the principals and school. >> i have talked to teachers all
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across the country. i just got an e-mail from one to just read, and this is one that has now been cited about the inclusion program that they have in california. she's a special needs teacher. if she didn't have do process, she said she would never have been able to advocate for the inclusion program. and what happens is the moment they say this to you, if you do this, you are fired. what happened is she couldn't be fired simply for advocating for her kids. when i was a teacher in new york city, i used to teach a course and my principal one day. they came into my course and said your kids are out of control. and i said, sir, because i had due process, i could actually challenge what was being said.
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>> your excellent quality shows me that you wouldn't want any assurances and the proof would be in the pudding for what you deliver. i'm just saying that let that be the ultimate judge. >> slimes also the council at that point that most teachers do not. if we want them to take in classes. >> let's talk more about this. would i be as good at my job? >> so you and i are agreeing that somebody should have a guaranteed job for life.
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>> there is nothing you can say and after it while they just stop. >> that's actually not true. for those of us in teaching -- >> you think other people don't share your view? you think that they're not quite as aggressive as you are? >> the real problem in terms of education and teachers, as we have to stop vilifying the profession. >> i'm not vilifying it but i'm
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not going to reward anyone. >> would you be open then to this? because tenure, the way it's written now in many states makes it tough for them to get fired. >> no. neil: what the court decision said in terms of this for those who actually testified, they said that they can fire those people. >> it is tougher. >> yes, it is tougher anytime to fire someone. you say there's a big difference between your fired versus what is the reason that you are firing me, i'll tenure does is basically say -- >> all it does before you come up to an arbitrator is a that you have to explain that.
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>> weight, don't you think that someone should have the rationale for why they got fired two. >> yes, but i think part of it is to take away this production of a job for life. >> okay, so if i can prove to you -- >> no one is guaranteed anything. >> i can prove you that the new jersey law has changed, the illinois law has changed. i think that if you are a schoolteacher, you need to be able to take the rest and not fear that the worker trying to do in your lesson plan doesn't work early and late, that you're going to be fired. neil: if i knew that it would be difficult for my box to fire me and that i'm a little bit more particular, well i work as hard at what i do or not.
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>> frankly, teachers throughout the country, they go into teaching to make a difference. >> i think most are fine. but there are those who will take advantage of it. >> some disagree with you. what do you think of that enact robert gates is one. >> i think that he's trying to make a living now that he's left the obama administration. the frankly is teachers, we need to add have good collaborative schools, places where we are supported. >> i agree with you. >> everywhere in the rest of the world. schools in the countries that outcompete us. they all have due process. >> they may have due process, but it doesn't guarantee them a job. neil: we will respectfully disagree. >> come to a school with me. >> okay. neil: i like having you on.
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thank you so much. when we come back, who is more patriotic? conservatives or liberals. we are going to go into it and you might be surprised. ♪ ♪ it's not the "confused by rotating categories" card. it's the no-category-gaming, clear-the-lane-i'm- going-up-strong, backboard-breaking, cash back card. this is the quicksilver cash back card from capital one. unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, every single day. i'll ask again... what's in your wallet? ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> >> flew is more patriotic? conservatives or liberals? this is a liberal say feel patriotic verses 72%. so that means liberals are feeling down and has no hope for this country and what do you think of this? >> liberals are down? [laughter] >> and that was a snapshot.
8:33 pm
and in 2011 they said the democrats are more proud than republicans. >> so the so-called liberals is only 15 percent of the entire population. neil: so they have more credibility? >> and does its it is the snapshot. >> why don't you play along? >> with patriated than patriotism but there is an explanation. the court's conservative believes getting back to what the constitution was built on some to be more like switzerland to
8:34 pm
incorporate ideal's. >> i could not agree more. the hearts of liberalism that there is nothing special about america. i see this where academia. neil: eight things that. >> and went to oxford the first thing they taught us is america really exceptional? >> did you have the american accent? [laughter] >> i think to hear is point that is not the proper question. neil: you don't get the results that you might. [laughter] >> but i think. >> what about p.r.? there are liberals and conservatives there also?
8:35 pm
or are they more inclined to be patriotic? any difference? >> porter ricans are proud to be an from p.r.. liberals did not hate this country they just like a survey. [laughter] >> but the average american is patriotic there is 15 percent consistently liberal that has hijacked. neil: net is a little high. >> here we go. now to sign on that immediately. we will take a break ronald reagan and security adviser is year and this group sirenians are terrified the syrians are terrified the baddest of that bad who fear these bad guys.
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neil: day go up and down but obviously oil prices are higher than before baghdad. to reagan's former security adviser how to fix the mess but people say go-slow we don't know even know these guys know we rely on help from syria to bomb parts of iraq and iran? obviously they are changing their minds. so why should we get involved not knowing who is to? >> in the best of times there is no conflict anywhere.
8:40 pm
it is set by the cartel. they maybe have $3 to produce oil and selling for over 100 but they do that because they own 75% of all whale in the planets we can produce more they produce less of a control the price. however given that steady state conditions if it is an ad or worsened by taking away from the market as syria threatens to do or isis threatens to do take away another 3 million barrels and libya libya, and nigeria and what could happen to the supply their and venezuela is no walk to the park. all of these areas of tension threat in the oil price could go very high.
8:41 pm
neil: i can understand boosting production but when we get in the middle of these things like the arabs praying we change allegiances quite a few times because we did not know who our friends or. >> the only way we get out from under the dominance from the cartel who sets the price is to have the alternative so we can ask for something else. the good news is because of the natural gas we have discovered there are alternatives. neil: but what i am asking if you look at the mess of iraq would you get involved right now to urge the president to get involved? i seem to recall beirut and the president says there are limits. what it you do? >> it would have been a lot easier to answer that for years ago but yes i would
8:42 pm
provide people on the ground with better intelligence and to stabilize the situation without massive division size formations but simply air support with good solid visors on the grounds. >> with vastly out manning fees but they dropped the guns and run. maybe it is another vietnam? >> it is not a walk in the park but if we ever want the price of oil to be competitive price we have to introduce alternative is. we can take liquid natural gas and put into a fuel. neil: i agree with that but you say maybe it is better
8:43 pm
that general petraeus don't get into the middle of a sectarian nightmare. but wash your hands of this? >> you say there is no serious threat. >> but it is just compounded and dry get out. >> while the figure out the right things to do we do need to stabilize markets because the last time at $140 a barrel we went into a depression recession that lasted five years. we really do need to do both things. neil: we will watch it closely. coming up we have a lot of jobs generated over the last five years and we're told we wiped out the jobs lost during the post meltdown recession. what if i told you it is not
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what it appears? after this. thank you daddy for defending our country. thank you for your sacrifice and thank you for your bravery. thank you colonel. thank you daddy. military families are uniquely thankful for many things, the legacy of usaa auto insurance can be one of them. if you're a current or former military member or their family, get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life.
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neil: en interesting statistic jury is still out but it nearly 6 million more people are working in the u.s. more than in 2000.out those holding the jobs has declined a slight a. summer has been gained? to immigrants legal and illegal?
8:48 pm
what do you make of this? >> only in and out of 6 million are not native american. that is fine. but the problem i have is with the brokage system. to override the dray mac to give amnesty not immigrants coming illegally into the country giving birth in using the health care system to do that then take jobs from americans who need it. in italy to get into this country that is the bigger problem. and then talk about the amnesty. neil: that explains when native americans are appalled that they are bogged down? >> they are right here. said must get rid of the
8:49 pm
fantasy. >> but the immigrant force is already here and it is working. to talk about my vocal and my cousin and that the underground economy excessive people working to not get recognized and do not pay taxes. i am here legally but most part ricans are u.s. citizens as you know. neil: that is a big difference spee back to talk about immigrants. but legal and illegal they are still working. but the economy needs the illegal. >> there is no excuse for the state of our border but bestowed -- the study is bogus talking down about legal immigrants getting
8:50 pm
jobs. neil: i thought that also. and then to bring foreigners into the country? >> we educate them at the top schools then don't give them a piece of wood they are finished with education? forty-four% are founded by immigrants. neil: consumer spending could be disrupted when you hayek the consumption tax and that is what happens. from the moment japan did this almost everything else was going right intel that came along and spending went down. >> this is undeniable proof you can learn in any microeconomics textbook. >> but they toppy that in high school. it is base said economics and i hate to say about your own economist john maynard keynes said taxation at a
8:51 pm
high-level we cannot bear. even paul krug and 1998. >> i think that chart shows there was some fronts loading spending with the first quarter. >> what do you think it? >> exactly. japan has a big issue because the banks are forced to hold those government bonds and the scary thing is that banks are selling insurance on the bonds that they are buying. if they buy a bunch of houses then they have the issue. neil: you are brilliant but i did not understand that but then people are less inclined to buy when you hike the price. [laughter] >> but the economy will rebound to. neil: they did not. more after this.
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neil: judge judy is on at the same time in our area.
8:58 pm
>> your reaction is way too visceral. this senate is a total obstacle to getting any of the matters done that you alluded to on air. but that doesn't mean that we shouldn't try. we are wasting time doing so. that is essentially what i am saying. would you please have an idea to sure thing? anyway, ron says, if you extrapolate the data come in
8:59 pm
tomorrow will be 30 degrees in below freezing much night. where do i pick up my check? >> and i have no idea what you're talking about. but it seems very academic. and pj in seattle says there's nothing we can do to stop anything from happening across the world. arctic ice is melting from the bottom up and there's nothing anyone can do to top that. move your house from the shoreline and we are doomed. have you been with my in-laws? >> and just an fyi, it is simply déjà vu and the news media should be completely aware of this. and i trust you more than merriam-webster and anyone who
9:00 pm
keeps doing so, i will have a list to keep track of it. that goes for you as well and you'll, in new jersey. i am on to you. have a great weekend and we will see you on monday. ♪ ♪ a you. kennedy: the world was once a series of perfectly positioned giants. the middle east has evolved into a brand of chaos unrecognizable to her sensibility. who are the teams and the players and what on earth are the rules and do we have any boundaries and who is isis, and where do we go from here? this is


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